I’m not necessarily an animal right activist, but I don’t believe in mistreating animals either. Going on a raid and capturing a large family group of gorillas with all the chaos of the Muppets for example is a bad thing. You know who agrees with me? Tarzan. Especially when it’s his family.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Thunder” round 7

The Battlefield: Disney’s Tarzan #2 (Dark Horse; July, 1999)

The Promoters: Greg Ehrbar (adaptation), Mario Cortes (artist), Chagnaud (color), and…oh, right, no letterer listed

Clayton and his men have rounded up all of the gorillas in the area. Tarzan decides to drop in on them.

"UGH! What did you step in?"

“UGH! What did you step in?”

Jane decides to get in on the action…

His ear was ringing for two weeks.

His ear was ringing for two weeks.

Then she tries to free the gorillas.

"Hey, I was going to give that to her. You jerk!"

“Hey, I was going to give that to her. You jerk!”

And one more jump on Clayton for good measure.

"Seriously, what did you step in!"

“Seriously, what did you step in!”

The rest looked better in the movie.

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