Disney's Tarzan #2

“Ha, that last banana is mine!”

Disney’s Tarzan #2


Dark Horse (July, 1999)

ARTIST: Mario Cortes
COLORIST: Chagnaud
DESIGNER: Lia Ribacchi
EDITOR: David Land
still no letterer listed

Tarzan meets Jane’s father and their guide, Clayton. They came to Africa to see gorillas but Kerchak decides the apes must keep their distance from the humans. Torn between the two worlds due to his growing relationship with Jane and learning of his true origins, Tarzan gets his new friends too close to the apes, which gets him even more on Kerchak’s bad side. Tarzan decides to leave with the humans, but Clayton didn’t come to study gorillas, but to capture them. Tarzan, aided by both his human friends and Terk and Tantor, succeed in stopping Clayton but Kerchak dies, putting the family under Tarzan’s charge. Jane goes to leave but it’s rather easy for her father to convince her to stay with Tarzan, and he decides to stay as well.

What they got right: The art is very close to the movie and later TV show. All of the important events from the last part of the movie are here.

What they got wrong: But only the events. The time that shows Tarzan and Jane growing closer and his falling out with the gorillas are all shortened to fit the space. The story is there but the emotions are not present, which hurts the adaptation. Maybe an extra issue would have helped that.

Recommendation: Being too short is today’s theme apparently. As much as I would like to recommend the comic it would only be if you can’t get the movie for some reason.

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