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We always think the BBC’s plot to destroy Doctor Who (which was stupid given it was their longest-running show and an international hit) happened in the last few years of the show, with people in charge who hated science fiction. But the TARDIS and her crew were in trouble from day one…at least according to formers Who director Waris Hussein. In a 2012 interview with IO9‘s Charlie Jane Anders, Hussein talks about the BBC’s attempts to limit the show, the forced pilot rework (which Hussein was upset by but I think was actually a good move) and horrible gossip about producer Verity Lambert while the Executive Producer thought the creative team was too young to be working on it. If all this is true it’s a wonder the show survived long enough to be cancelled.


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  1. Sean says:

    Glad to see that Doctor Who survived the pilot and became the great series it did. I didn’t realize there were so many obstacles surrounding the initial launching of Doctor Who!


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