Mega Man #3 (DW)

“You aren’t radioactive, are you Protoman?”

Mega Man #3

Dreamwave (November, 2003)

WRITER: Brian Augustyn
ARTIST: Mic Fong
BACKGROUNDS: Pak Lok & Ching
COLORISTS: Stuart Ng & Susan Luo
LETTERER: Paul Villafuerte

Mega Man is saved from Multi Man by Protoman (which I only know from the games and cartoons and other comics since he’s being all mysterious and stuff). Then Rocky must face his biggest challenge yet…asking Chelsea to the school dance. The Boltz Brothers being gone doesn’t stop things from getting dangerous when the DJ robot goes haywire, but when Mega Man gets home he finds his home attacked and nobody there (just missing Heat Man again).

What they got right: Again, the story and art are good. Protoman gets a good introduction since newcomers won’t know who he and will be curious about this new robot hero, while fans get to see Doctor Light and Mega Man’s reactions as he is slowly introduced (or re-introduced in Light’s case) to their lives.

What they got wrong: The “previously” blurb on the inside front cover gives the synopsis for THIS issue rather than catching up with the first two issues, looking more like this issue’s solicit. And there’s the usual adaptation issue this comic had.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying this story and looking forward to how it ends tomorrow since I haven’t read it since I picked it up. Which is something  you should do, too. It’s not as good as the Archie stories but still interesting.

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