Adv of Capt. Marvel DVD cover

You may recall an old written review I did of The Adventures Of Captain Marvel, my favorite movie serial. I love the thing. It had solid cliffhanger, good effects for the time, and the classic hero. There were some major changes to Billy Batson’s origin story but I still like it.

There’s been complaints lately about Rifftrax going after perceived good movies along with the bad movies they became known for riffing all the way back in Mystery Science Theater 3000, forgetting that even good movies have enough oddities that it makes for a decent riffing target. If it didn’t, Cinema Sins wouldn’t exist. But I do understand the trepidation of seeing something you love in the crossfire of a riff. Which leads to tonight’s posting.

My fellow Reviewers Unknown refugee, Jeff “Writrzblok” Gwinnup, is also a fellow fan of the guy now called by his magic word because Marvel Comics is evil and DC just gave up. Still, knowing few if any of the reviewing community I know of likes serials I was still unsure how this would go. Turns out it went quite well. We’re starting with episode one, because he left the credits in this one and it shows the altered origin of Captain Marvel.

You can catch the first three episodes (as of this writing) on his YouTube page.

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