Gigantor #6

“Stop staring at me. It’s creepy.”

Gigantor #6

Antarctic Press (July, 2000)

“Doppleganger” part 3: “Spider’s War”
ARTIST: Ben Dunn
COLORIST: Nathan Lumm

As our heroes try to sneak onto the moon, the Iron Empire sends their Gigantor knockoff there as well. Jimmy, with Jack’s help, manages to recover the control box and Gigantor does battle with Black Giant, but it’s Spider who defeats it with the robot on the cover, which Gigantor in turn defeats. Spider escapes to build a new base in Antarctica, where Jack and Kristen are headed to go treasure hunting.

What they got right: I like the designs of the Black Giant and Spider’s robot.

What they got wrong: As one of the characters says, the final battle was anti-climactic. Spider’s robot takes out Black Giant and Gigantor takes out Spider’s robot. What could have been an interesting three-way battle was over way too soon. Jack and Kristen really weren’t necessary to the plot and why can Jack have Gigantor smash Spider’s building and let him and Jimmy escape? Frankly they feel like insert characters and promising to return might give them more to do, but why would they use assumed names? We really know nothing about these two.

Recommendation: A fair ending to this arc and the first storyline of this series, but it could have been a lot better. Still, it’s worth a look.


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