Gigantor #10

Only on pay-per-view…

Gigantor #10

Antarctic Press (March, 2001)

“The Secret Valley” part 2
ARTIST: David Hutchison

Miraculously our heroes survive the crash. Using Gigantor’s radio receiver Bob is able to find the transmitter that disabled Gigantor, which Dick easily blows up because his bullet hit the booby trap. The villain, General Von Cueball (because he’s bald, get it?…hey, pin that one on Fred Ladd, the guy who brought Tetsujin 28-Go to the states), sends his robot to fight Gigantor but with the control box functional Gigantor has no problem taking it out. So Cueball uses a flying sawblade saucer to attack Gigantor, removing his arm: but even a one-armed Gigantor is able to stop Cueball, who escapes.

What they got right: While the cowboys from the episode are still absent it’s still a decent story. The saucer does more damage to Gigantor here than it did in the episode, making it more of a threat.

What they got wrong: The robot is step down, though. The robot from the episode could turn into a ball and roll or bounce into enemies. Here it’s just a generic robot, no different from the others Gigantor has scrapped in this series thus far.

Recommendation: It’s a decent story although missing too much to be a decent adaptation. Still worth a look, though.

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