Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we last left our heroes they were actually doing quite well coming together as a team, even the rookie. I’m guessing things are about to get harder for them. Let’s return to Linkara’s look at the Pai Zhuq warriors. And yes, swearing alternate Mao is there too.

  • Something interesting me just struck me. We have a point where the heroes have lost their mentor while the villain has two, later more. I don’t think that’s happened before or since. I think that’s what makes Jared/Dai Shi interesting to me beyond what I’ll get into in my character breakdown. He actually needs help to get stronger and isn’t so prideful that he doesn’t ask for it.
  • In fact RJ isn’t the typical mentor since he has problems every mentor except for Dino Thunder Tommy never worried about. Interestingly, his Japanese counterpart, GekiViolet, isn’t a mentor, but a rouge Ranger and the brother of the Blue Ranger.
  • The “face your fears” part really dropped the ball. While Theo at least gets something as he has to confront his own compulsive issue, Casey gets a fear unconnected to his concerns as still a near-rookie while Lily’s was rather pathetic. Maybe if I watch it again I’ll find something but it will be a stretch.
  • I like the “art of jet boosters” myself, but I don’t get Linkara’s hangup on the collars. It breaks things up a bit in my opinion.
  • Giant robot penguin on a hoverboard. Do we NEED a reason to be awesome?
  • Wolf Morpher: now THAT’S what I’m talking about. It looks like a transformation device and can double as a communicator.
  • The Rhino Morpher I’m less impressed with. Yes, hiding as a bracelet may be a good idea, but when active it’s this giant hand/sword/gun thing that’s rather oversized in my opinion and the “inactive” mode has nothing to show it is a morpher. It’s harder to take than the sunglasses really. I do agree that it’s the best costume given the theme.

And now that the fan has that strong manure smell tune in tomorrow for the finale of History Of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury!

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