Gigantor #9

This girl does not appear in the story.

Gigantor #9

Antarctic Press (January, 2001)

“The Secret Valley” part 1

Returning home from Antarctica our heroes are attacked by airplanes (I’m thinking this happens a lot to Jimmy) over Australia. While Gigantor defeats the planes the one the gang is flying is in damaged and they’re forced to parachute into the Outback. Gigantor flies the group to an abandoned village with bullet holes the only thing they find. But as Gigantor flies them off again Jimmy can’t control him and his jets conk out, forcing the giant robot to crash.

What they got right: This episode actually happens later in the show. interestingly after meeting Spider. Dunn instead changes the location they’re leaving from and all’s good. I also like the design of their plane, reminiscent of the Questor from Johnny Quest. Subtle homages are better than the in-your-face ones from earlier in this comic series.

What they got wrong: I could understand condensing events of the episode. For example, the group actually meets some local cowboys who explain the villagers were attacked by local savages (who for some reason in the dub sounded like Native Americans from an old cowboy picture rather than Aborigines) and something blocked Gigantor from helping so Dick, Blooper, and the cowboys had to fight them off on their own. Here we get an impossible fall, but my problem is that the story feels real short, like the panels are too big and take up space that could have been used for more story elements.

Recommendation: It’s a decent story but a bit short. Maybe track down with the next issue, which we’ll get into later today.

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