Darkhawk #13

Where does that tongue even come from in relation to Eddie’s head?

Darkhawk #13

Marvel (March, 1992)

“Heart Of The Hawk” part 4: “Journey”
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
PENCILER: Mike Manley
INKER: Ricardo Villagran
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

As Tombstone uses Hammerhead’s scientists to study the amulet, Darkhawk feels the pain from the probing. He doesn’t have time to worry about that or another failed attempt to get info from St. Johnny. He’s decided to go after his father first instead of the amulet. Found out after sneaking aboard a plane bringing Bazin’s stuff to an island base he has, a fight sends the plane crashing with only Darkhawk surviving…just in time to run into Venom! After he believed killing of Spider-Man (who tricked Venom into thinking he was dead) Venom retreated to what turns out to be Bazin’s island, and he doesn’t like the uninvited superhero dropping in. Meanwhile, Grace doesn’t get any info from Lennox but does see the Savage Steel armor being stolen and follows the thieves only to get caught.

What they got right: Don’t get me wrong. I’m liking the story, but I’m having trouble listing the positives. There are a lot of good ideas here: Savage Steel’s history appears to be coming up, how would Darkhawk fight if his robot body couldn’t be repaired, looking more into the amulet, the fate of Mike Powell and Bazin…all good ideas.

What they got wrong: I just don’t know about bringing them all into the same story. Then there’s Venom. Taking another teen hero we’ve been going over as our example. look where Firestorm was by this point. Both people that make up the Nuclear Man had friends and rivals and Firestorm has built up a collection of supervillains all his own–Black Bison, Killer Frost, Typhoon, Hyena, and Multiplex, plus the Shine family, with more coming. Darkhawk, on the other hand, has Phillipe Bazin, Lodestone and numerous Spider-Man villains. He’s fought Hobgoblin, Tombstone, and now Venom. Chris is getting the short end here. Also, the smart thing for Chris (and this is more on Chris than Fingeroth) would have been to try and get the amulet back so he would be at full strength when going after his dad. This will come back to smack him later.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying the storyline and the series. Pick this up when you can.


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