The first of two new sets of business card strips

The first of two new sets of business card strips

If you want to see the second set, contributors to the Jake & Leon tier over at my Patreon can see it. Otherwise, it will be at BW this time next week.

I’m disappointed in how things turned out on my end. ConnectiCon was great as usual, but I had problem after problem. A special Monday posting of The Clutter Reports will feature the unboxing of a new tablet I received from my dad as an early Birthday present after the old one (which belonged to my late mother—four months after she passed so I’m rather disappointed in myself) ended up falling and having a cracked screen. The folio case is to blame but that won’t be an issue now as I worked around it. It’s still a good case otherwise.

Anyway, the events I mention during the unboxing (and I’ll link to or re-discuss those events in a ConnectiCon video) led me to be up at Friday’s events for about an hour, and I didn’t record anything because I left my camera behind (the short version). So there will be video from Saturday and Sunday, including a meet-up with a regular con acquaintance, two fellow Reviewers Unknown members, and someone from Channel Awesome as we went flipping tables. That’s a teaser, by the way. I didn’t run into them again but it was still cool to actually meet with reviewer colleagues, much less ones that were on the same site I was. There will be fewer press junkets and panels but some were recorded by others so hopefully I can still bring you the panels I wanted to cover. I didn’t get to do a single interview and only showed up at a handful of junkets. I didn’t get to pass out a single business card. It’s just a mess this year and everything is beyond my control. I hate bringing an inferior experience from my end. Everyone should come to ConnectiCon if they can and I want to prove that. Plus I want to put together the best content I can for you folks.

As for articles, I’m afraid there won’t be any on Monday except for the convention photos. DC reviews will return next week while I’ll get back to Magic Knights Rayearth on Saturday. I’ll get to the walking around footage next, then the teased video. Sorry I’m not better organized but you know how my year has been and getting ready for ConnectiCon took a backseat to a project I was actually paid for. I’d like more of those if I could, but it’s always good to be paid to do things you love. We should be back to normal here at the Spotlight next week, in time for the Brass City Comic Convention at the end of July. Now I need to go back to bed. Took a nap when I got home and I’m still tired, with a big blister on my foot. That’s conventions for you. You’re half-dead but loving every moment you’re lucid enough for. 😀

One final paragraph: I did catch some of the news out of San Diego Comic Con, one of three or four other conventions that happened this weekend and I may discuss some of it as soon as I have an opening. Meanwhile, I also just heard that Satoru Iwata passed away. The man was very important to video game history and I’ll try to get into that once the immediate convention stuff is done. And now…bed!

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