Star Wars Droids Vol 2 #4

“We’re here to discuss car insurance.”

Star Wars: Droids Vol. 2 #4

Dark Horse (July, 1995)

“Rebellion” finale
WRITER: Ryder Windham
ARTIST: Ian Gibson
COLORIST: Perry McNamee
COVER ART: Klian Plunkett
LETTERER: Ellie de Ville
EDITOR: Peet Janes

The reprogrammed C-3PO leads his droids to confront Boonda over his program traps…except Boonda is a reformed Hutt…sort of, since he’s only dabbling in going legit for giggles. (This is bad news for Olag, who went to Boonda with a business proposal.) It was actually Movo behind the program traps, which he had hoped to sell to Boonda. It gets stranger, as it turns out B-9D7 is actually Movo, whose brain was transferred into the droid to cheat death. Forno, who I’m guessing really hates droids, blasts B-9D7/Movo and rejoins with Olag as Boonda decides to go back to the usual Hutt ways. The droids all decide to take the barge and go off exploring on their own, while Threepio decides to return to his true self, and he (remembering nothing that happened when the alternate program kicked in) and R2 make arrangements with an Ithorian trader who tried to obtain their services earlier in the story.

What they got right: The surprise twist about Movo isn’t one you see coming, and even if you guess (probably after learning Boonda was at least temporarily legit) that Movo is actually the bad guy (I was thinking it was a revenge plot) being in B-9D7 was a shocker. Things wrap up well enough, even with the necessary reset button on C-3PO.

What they got wrong: Threepio originally rejected the Ithorian’s offer because he wanted to get back to their masters on Kalarba (as seen at the end of the Droids special). So why take it now? Was it with the stipulation of returning them to their proper masters? Then there’s Olag and Xob, were really pointless, since Forno should have been able to do whatever he would do with the program trap (and since she appears to hate droids she’d probably relish turning them into unwilling suicide bombers) and just seemed to be there for the Droids to accidentally torture some more.

Recommendation: This was a fun story arc, worth picking up.


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