Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire - Evolution #4

“That mosquito is going down this time!”

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire – Evolution #4

Dark Horse (May, 1998)

WRITER: Steve Perry
PENCILER: Ron Randall
INKERS: Tom Simmons & Ron Randall
COLORIST: Dave Nestelle
COVER ART: Duncan Fegredo
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
DESIGN: Scott Tice & Kristen Burda
EDITORS: Bob Cooper & Peet Janes

Black Sun’s civil war rages in the streets of Coruscant and innocents are caught in the crossfire. Leia has learned that their human contact is actually Savan and the search is on to find her, while she arrives at Hurd’s Moon. With the lab now secure breaking in isn’t going to be easy, but Savan’s aide is able to gather some men for her plan. Meanwhile, Spinda and his mercenaries still want Doc, but now he wants Guri’s head as well, but Thrumble is already finished emptying out all of the Black Sun influence.

What they got right: Does Perry just like doing stories with multiple factions fighting each other? Because from what I’ve read he’s pretty good at it if he hasn’t gotten into a rut by now.

What they got wrong: But this issue felt like so much padding. I think the panel size is to blame. As cool as the splash pages of Guri’s memories are they take up a lot of space, which would be fine if the panel usage wasn’t better saved for mini-comics. Actually, I’ve seen mini-comics make better use of page room that this does and still tell more story.

Recommendation: As we head to the finale next week it’s still pretty good. Worth a read.


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