Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire Evolution #3

Whatever’s going on, I bet it’s Han’s fault.

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire – Evolution #3

Dark Horse (April, 1998)

WRITER: Steve Perry
PENCILER: Ron Randall
INKER: Tom Simmons
COLORIST: Dave Nestelle
COVER ART: Duncan Fegredo
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
BOOK DESIGNERS: Scott Tice & Kristen Burda
EDITORS: Bob Cooper & Peet Janes

Savan (Xizor’s niece) has taken another identity, a human female, as part of her plan to take over Black Sun, but she still needs Guri. She also has Kar Yang’s droid working for her, but Kar finds out and takes down his now former assistant. Then he tries to take Guri for himself, which ends poorly. This is after Guri has rescued Doc and prepares to undergo the surgery to change who she is. Back on Corsucant, our usual heroes arrive hoping to avert a gang war, and Savan (in her human guise) tries to do to Han what Xizor tried to do to Leia back in the first miniseries. She faked an attack to further get the Alliance on her side as part of her plan to take over all of Black Sun, but when she learns of Kar’s betrayal (but not his death) she heads to Hurd’s Moon to take Guri herself.

What they got right: The interaction between our usual heroes shows how close they’ve grown together as friends, even with R2 & 3PO. The fights are well done. Savan’s uses of disguises makes her an interesting foe. Too bad she won’t last.

What they got wrong: I like seeing Luke, Han, Leia, and the gang as much any other fan, but I don’t think they were really necessary to the plot.

Recommendation: This is a fascinating story. Still recommending it.


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