First, an apology. I know I should have mentioned in the Sunday comic/update post that I was doing another series for Fridays alongside I-Bots but I didn’t decide on it until a few moments ago as I write this. Every other day except Saturday I do two different version of the same group: DC & DCAU, Marvel and the show tie-ins, two forms of Star Wars and Transformers. So it didn’t feel right just continuing through two issues of the same series when I have so many other comics to go over. Metal Guardian Faust is a manga but I own it in separate issues rather than a collected trade, like Magic Knight Rayearth so this will work in the afternoon slot.

Metal Guardian Faust #1

“What does RoboCop have that I don’t?”

Metal Guardian Faust #1

Viz Comics (1997)

originally published by Shogakukan, Inc.

“Clash Of The Steel Warriors”
WRITER/ARTIST: Tetsuro Ueyama
COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics
EDITOR: Annette Roman

Rushiha was just trying to play video games at her favorite Tokyo arcade when a robot tried to kidnap her. She is rescued by another robot named Faust, sent by her father to protect her, with a message recorded from him warning of nine robots that will try to kidnap her. Faust is able to eventually defeat the robot (who refuses to give his name) and Rushiha agrees to go with him as they both try to find out what’s going on.

What they got right: Unlike most of the Viz comics I’ve picked up in the past in this format, this comic actually fits the American style well without feeling too short. I’m hoping this continues. We get the important introductions as both Faust’s past and who is after Rushiha are part of the mystery in this story. I think next issue (if I recall correctly) will offer more detail as to who the important players are, with more info slowly shown as the series (what few issues Viz brings us) moves on.

What they got wrong: I have nothing to complain about.

Recommendation: This story is off to a real good start, and fits the American style better than most Viz adaptations. It’s not only a good introduction into manga but so far a good story itself.

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