Isaac Asimov's I-Bots Vol 2 #1

“Honey, can I take the blindfold off now? Honey?”

Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots Vol.2 #1

Big Entertainment (June, 1996)

“Lost Causes”
WRITER: Steven Grant
PENCILER: Pat Broderick
INKER: Josef Rubinstein
COLORING: Prismacolor
LETTERING: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
EDITOR: James Chambers
CONCEPT: Isaac Asimov
DEVELOPER: Howard Chaykin

Infused with the powers and guidance of Lady Justice, Killaine pursues Cortez, whom she believes framed her for the murder of the senator looking to destroy the I-Bots. The I-Bots themselves investigate and also find that Cortez, or rather his lieutenant, Sylvan, is behind the murders, Cortez actually being a robot with his memories. Sylvan is after the people who left Cortez and herself to die, but she survived and kept the cult going in his name, and is seeking revenge. Killaine is able to take her down, but when Lady Justice says to kill her, Killaine refuses not because of her programming (which Lady Justice is countering) but because as she puts it “life balances death”. This to her is justice and that satisfies Lady Justice, which Radiant’s powers allow her to see. As she leave the I-Bots are reunited.

There’s also another chapter of the Tekno/Big crossover that celebrated the rebranding but I’m still not following that story.

What they got right: Remember that I have never read an issue of Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice even now. So I can’t vouch for how well Grant translated her in this story. That said, she was used well for how she was depicted, serving as a sort of Martin Stein style mentor for Killaine and accepting her call that Justice was not served answering murder with murder. It shows that the I-Bots don’t just avoid killing because of the protocols like the Cabal must now face but because they (or at least Killaine, I’m not sure about Itazura) honest believe in the sanctity of human life, like a proper superhero should in my opinion. The mystery was also handled well. I find it interesting that among Radiant’s special sight ability is the ability to see spiritual beings like Lady Justice.

What they got wrong: There’s a page where Psy-4’s word balloon is missing some words so that it comes out “Stonewall! Itazura! stay with the       I may need you.” (I hope that stays formatted correctly when I go to post it. There should be a big space between the and I that shouldn’t be in the balloon itself.) And if that’s the worst complaint I can come up with the comic did a good job. However, there is one more. I thought Lady Justice restored Killaine’s memories last issue. Again, I don’t know how Lady Justice works, but Killaine was talking to her from her own body so that wasn’t Lady Justice confused as who the I-Bots, her friends and technically family, are.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying this series. Pick this and the previous issue (under the Tekno imprint) and you may find a good story here.


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