Magic Knights Rayearth Vol 5

Hikaru’s sword looks too big for her. And yet still not a big as Cloud’s from Final Fantasy.

Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 5

Tokyopop (2001)

Originally published by Kodansha, LTD.

produced by CLAMP
WRITER: Nanase Ohkawa
ARTIST: Mokona Apapa
TRANSLATION: Anita Sengupta
TOUCH-UP ART: Carol Cocepcion, Jinky De Leon, & Roselyn Santos
ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Jake Forbes & Katherin Kim
EDITOR: Michael Schuster

The first segment, as usual, picks up where the other left off, with Landis declaring he will end the legacy of the Magic Knights while the Magic Knights go to confront the other countries. Tatra and Tarta use their own dancing magic to create djinn (genies for you Western types) that can even suck in Umi’s Water Dragon attack (which both Umi and Aska thinks is gross). Aska uses her special power, to bring her drawings to life, to attack with a giant version of her loyal aide, Sanyun. The two invaders end up taking each other out of the game and retreat, leaving the girls confused. This is just showing off the other countries and the princesses’ motivations. The Chizeta princesses feel their country is too small for their people and want to absorb Cephiro while Aska just wants a lot of sweets and stuff. It’s sad that my favorite power (bias fully acknowledged) goes to the spoiled brat.

There’s a rather short segment as Geo and Zazu, Eagle’s subordinates, worry about him. Geo also hides that Eagle talked about Landis in his sleep, and Eagle is sorry about something involving Landis. It’s either to remind us there’s a third invader or CLAMP has something special planned for the Autozam party.

The girls return to the palace but as they exit the Mashin and head off they bow to Mokona. Yes, this is important and yet it will be not as good as the first twist. Landis ignores the girls, summons his horse, and leaves while Makona starts hug-attacking Primera so she can’t follow. Makona’s kind of mean to her really. It’s set up for Clef to have a flashback to a time before Emmeraude made her wish. Like Alcione, Zagato and Landis were his pupils and he watched over Emmeraude from birth. He knew about Emmeraude and Zagato’s connection (there’s that spoiler again) and the price the princess must face. He also disagreed with the Pillar idea. Some time later Landis left for Autozam while Emmeraude decided the only way to deal with things was to summon the Magic Knights, though Clef tried to talk her out of it because of the spoiler She gave him Mokona and told her to tell them she was sorry. It’s a good bit of extra backstory as we learn more about the events that shaped the summoning of the girls from Tokyo Tower. The segment ends with Ferio, Clef, and Presea agreeing to tell the next candidate what they may sacrifice to become the Pillar, even if he or she refuses the job afterwards. Later on Umi and Fuu also discuss not liking the Pillar system but there it was a bit more forced. It worked better here. Everyone hates the Pillar system except the invaders who don’t know the downside. Got it.

Back to the Autozam (after briefly showing that Landis is looking to destroy the road leading to the Pillar’s test) as they reveal why they’re after the Pillar system. No matter what they try pollution still clogs the air and kills the ground. Eagle’s father, the President, want the Pillar system in the hopes it can do for Autozam what it did for Cephiro and Eagle is determined to get it, even if Cephiro must perish in the process. Autozam and Chizeta both have good reasons for wanting Cephiro and/or the Pillar. While I still call them evil because they will destroy Cephiro and everyone on it (in the anime you got to see there were a lot more people in the country) at least they have good intentions for their own homes. Unlike Fahren’s princess, who just wants stuff and sweets.

The girls meet up with…okay, Tokyopop, make up your bloody minds! Gardina, Caldina, and now Kardina. CHOOSE A NAME FOR THIS WOMAN AND STICK WITH IT! Anyway, what’s her name is told about the invaders from Chizeta, which she recognizes as the princesses’ guardians spirits, Rakun and Rashin. She knows this because she is also from Chizeta, which she left to become a traveler (with a subtle hint that she’s staying in Cephiro because she’s interested in Lafarga). Because of Landis’s disappearances and his return to Cephiro just as Autozam is attacking, he accuses Landis of being a spy. And yet Gardina/Caldina/Kardina/whatever they’re naming her next volume isn’t getting the same suspicion even though she’s actually from one of the invading countries instead of living there a few weeks making friends with the President’s son. I’m not sure we learned anything useful except about the woman Tokyopop keeps retranslating the name of.

Fahren attacks again and the Mashin answer the call. Asha ignores her advisor, Chang, and uses a more powerful technique, which uses string to control someone like a puppet. Using Umi and Celes to attack the other Magic Knights is a bad move. Umi is the one who gets angry the easiest and soon breaks her spell. Asha falls on Sanyun and knocks him out, which angers Asha. Then Chieza moves in as Autozam attacks again and chases them off. Wanting to know what’s going on, Hikaru moves Rayearth into Eagle’s road, which knocks her out…and shouldn’t be possible as the Mashin discuss with Mokona as the volume ends. This was my favorite segment, with action and some good character moments.

I’m still very much enjoying this series. Manga or anime, you really need to check this out on your own.

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