Magic Knight Rayearth #6

Why hasn’t Man At Arms: Reforged made these swords yet?

Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 6


Mixx Entertainment (June, 2001)

Originally published by Kodansha Ltd (1996)

produced by CLAMP
WRITER: Nanase Ohkawa
ARTIST: Mokona Apapa
TRANSLATION: Anita Sengupta
TOUCH-UP ART: Wilbert Lacana, & Romulando Viray II
GRAPHIC ASSISTANTS: Steve Kindernay & Dao Sirvisal
EDITORS: Michael Schuster &Jake Forbes

Hikaru wakes up from having crossed into Autozam’s road. Umi chastises her for taking on too much on her own and Presea decides to torment Mokona because he spent the time everyone was worrying about Hikaru bouncing around as Mokona does. Hikaru notices that Mokono’s jewel turns yellow for a moment. the action then shifts to the three invaders talking about wanting to conquer Cephiro. Eagle tells then that to be the Pillar means to only think about Cephiro, then warns them away from Cephiro. Aska, despite wanting sweets, cares more about her own country, but wants to know what happened to the previous Pillar. Tatra and Tarta decide that since Cephiro has no army that they will help protect it. I like this part, Aska and Tarta show a nicer side, although Tatra is a bit TOO friendly with her sister, yet shows she’s a lot smarter than her attitude seems to suggest. I think she’s my favorite of the invaders.

Hikaru gets out of bed and decides she wants to go outside. The others find her on her way out, and Ferio, Ascot, and the other Magic Knights decide to go with her, Mokona playing matchmaker by putting Umi and Ascot on one flying disk and Fuu and Ferio on the other while traveling with Hikaru on the third. Outside they come across storms and fight against them. During a lull, Fuu asks why “Magic Knights” is a term from English when all of the others are native to Cephiro (except for Pillar, she missed that one)? Then the three invaders appear in the sky and do battle. Landi saving Hikaru from a stray shot. Seeing him down there Eagle takes off but Geo tries follow in his ship, learning that Eagle is dying. However, Eagle has both of the other mecha on lockdown so they can’t follow. As Eagle heads out Clef collapses, and the road to the Pillar beings to open. Even Primera (when she isn’t getting jealous again) notices that Mokona’s jewel is yellow again. This sets up the finale of the series.

I would say more but I hear an omnibus was recently published by Dark Horse, and the anime is still up on Hulu. Once I’ve rewatched the anime I want to do a review on the ending. I will say that one of the characters turning out to be God of both lands is not as good a twist as the one I’ve been hiding from the first arc. There’s a passing commentary that as usual Earth sucks because Japanese writers love to look at what’s wrong with the world and ignore the good things about humanity, a pet peeve of mine, no matter which country does it. Otherwise, the solution to the Pillar issue is resolved very well and I always love a happy ending.

I said at the beginning that Magic Knight Rayearth was my favorite manga. Granted this one of few that I have the full series on, either because I missed some or the series wasn’t fully translated, and there are plenty of others I’d like to check out in the future. Even if a new champion is crowned this will remain one of my favorites and one I highly recommend anyone who would say “Magical girls riding giant robots? That’s for me!” to check out. However, I think the anime paced things better and allowed the girls to get in better touch with Cephiro and more believably form a strong bond. (Although I’m not sure Debonaire and Nova were necessary, as good a threat as they were. Maybe create a third season around them, showing that even the new world was a threat to Cephiro and possibly the other three countries as well.) Also a fun fact: many of the characters are named after Japanese cars, some of which haven’t made it to the US. But whatever version you go with, manga or anime, check this series out.


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