Batman & Robin Adventures #8

At least their color schemes match up.

The Batman & Robin Adventures #8

DC Comics (July, 1996)

“Harley And Ivy And…Robin?”
WRITER: Paul Dini
ARTIST: Rick Burchett
DIALOG: Ty Templeton (no, I don’t know what this credit means since he isn’t the letterer)
COLORIST: Linda Medley
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Robin shows up to stop Harley Quinn from “rescuing” her hyenas from the zoo, but Poison Ivy is there as well, using her whammy on Robin, turning him into her slave and partner. This doesn’t sit well with Harley, who feels like she’s being pushed aside while Robin uses Batman’s training to do bad things. So she slips antidote into his lemonade just as Batman arrives. Thanks to some extra lemonade antidote, Robin is immune to Ivy’s powers and the villains are sent to Arkham, with Robin happy at something other than being knocked around by a villain.

What they got right: Some good character moments for Harley while we see what kind of crimes Robin could come up with using Batman’s training. The ending is downright fun and I think I have something for this week’s Friday Night Fight (watch something happen and it gets cancelled like it did two weeks ago…I missed last week’s while I was sick).

What they got wrong: This should have been made into an episode.

Recommendation: This was a fun read, and yes, Batman and Robin’s adventures can be fun and still serious, like the show this ties into. Pick this one up.



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