And that's being generous.

And that’s being generous.

The odds of a straight marriage in comics, much less any marriage lasting, is low. Tony and MJ hooking up? I think we all know that’s going to happen. Supposedly she doesn’t marry Peter in this time timeline because he can’t commit to marriage and children due to his duties as Spider-Man. Tony would be even worse, because it isn’t just Iron Man and his current search for his real parentage (speaking of dumb ideas), but the fact that Tony himself isn’t the marrying type. And we know how much Bendis likes to keep to proper character personalities. Yeah, Tony & Mary Jane are totally going to hook up eventually.

One interesting thing this week is that I’ll be looking at two arcs called “Worlds Collide” The DC/Milestone crossover should be entering the reviews on Monday while the final chapter of the Transformers Armada event of the same name will be ending on Thursday. I also have another Star Wars comic this week and it features one of my favorite comic book fights, Darth Vader versus Darth Maul. Otherwise, nothing big on the BW front this week unless I can get some video editing done this week.

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  1. Sean says:

    Tony could just go on Tinder and get hook ups that way. Sad to say, but America is becoming a “hook up” society. Just look at how low the marriage rates and how high the out of wedlock birth rates are in 21st century America.


    • Tony’s always been something of a ladies man. Marvel’s current “Spider-Writers” hated the Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson marriage (referred to as the “Spider-Marriage”), one of the reasons being unable to see that MJ evolved beyond her party lifestyle. It does make sense that they would have Tony and MJ date as part of their continued hate of the Spider-Marriage, further keeping the two apart after pulling her out of the Spider-Man comics altogether.


      • Sean says:

        Too bad. It would be good for media (comics, movies, television) to show more stable marriages/relationships.


        • They’re worried that marriage “ages” their characters…somehow. It’s why, when DC rebooted their universe…again, they even took out marriages that have existed since the Golden Age. They think we can’t relate to married characters for some reason.


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