Spider-Man Adventures #14

And here comes the obligatory House Of Mirrors fight.

Spider-Man Adventures #14

Marvel (January, 1996)

WRITER: Nel Yomtov
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Sarra Mossoff
“Ock Rocks”
PENCILER: Alex Saviuk
INKERS: Rob Stull, Loretta Krol, & Keith Williams
“Into The Mystic”
ARTIST: Andy Kuhn

In our main story, Peter takes Mary Jane to a new superhero theme park. When Doctor Octopus hears about this park he breaks out of prison to destroy it. Of course the battle leads to the House Of Mirrors where of course Spider-Man tricks Ock and stops him, although using a Spider-Man statue is a little different. I don’t have a lot to say about this story. It’s the first story NOT “freely adapting” an episode of the show as the title (and the upcoming re-branding) still uses the art style (although still Peter looks closer to the comic version) and appears to be set in the same universe. Otherwise, it’s just a basic Spider-Man adventure. Not great but not bad. It also sets up next issue when Spidey will tackle the Lizard in South America.

Our short little back-up has Peter and MJ seeing a fortune-teller at the part named Madame Harkness (who is too young and sexy to be Agatha Harkness). As she tells Peter’s fortune her choices of words spark flashbacks in Peter and makes him wonder how much she knows about him. My problem is they didn’t introduce “neogetics” from the show and stick with the pure radioactivity origin even though they have a chance to get closer to the show and fix that error. Also, the art becomes more cartoonish than the style of the actual cartoon, which the main story did well enough. Otherwise it’s just another retelling of Peter’s origin. We see those at least once a year, sometimes more.

Overall not a great transition to original tie-in tales but not bad either. Still, I can only recommend this if you want the complete set. There sadly isn’t much here otherwise.

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