Star Trek Assignment Earth #2

Oh right, this is a Star Trek spinoff.

Star Trek – Assignment: Earth #2

IDW (June, 2008)

“Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow”
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: Chris Ryall

The events of “Tomorrow Is Yesterday“are detected by Beta Five and our team goes to investigate. And by “investigate” I mean showing up just too late to help anybody out, except to cover the Enterprise’s escape back to their proper time.

That’s kind of the problem I have with this episode. I understand seeing a way to connect Assignment: Earth to Star Trek and running with it. It also establishes that Gary, Roberta, and Isis have been working together for maybe a year since the backdoor pilot. The problem is they don’t really do anything in the story. Since the Enterprise crew had everything well in hand there was nothing for Gary Seven to really do on this mission. They could have easily gotten a report on it after one of their missions and everything would be fine. What I’m saying it’s a lot of work just to get Teri Garr drawn in a Federation miniskirt when Roberta wears them already.

It’s not a bad story, but an unnecessary one. Worth getting as a curiosity or to complete the miniseries but not really much else.


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