Empire Strikes Back adaptation

Hopefully I can actually get started on Chapter By Chapter of Shadows Of The Empire before The Force Awakens hits theaters. Being sick is a pain. However, we’re here to discuss the latest trailer.

Seeing fans go gaga over teasers and montages and trying to figure out everything they’re going to be dead wrong about can be either funny or frustrating. But that’s what the teasers are for when it comes to some big production, get people talking. However, when you’re spending time and money just to see a 2+ minute trailer in a theater even if there isn’t a movie out your interested in maybe you should rethink your priorities. At any rate I got to see the latest one on YouTube and if there wasn’t something interesting to look at besides a droid whose head can ride a big ball there wouldn’t be an article here. Lucky for me there are some interesting things to discern from this…which I may end up being wrong on, but at least I didn’t wait two hours in line and fork over money for it. I don’t have money for one thing.

I think what most got my attention is that bit where Han (I’m guessing) says that Jedi and the Force are quite real. We know Han was a skeptic in the first movie (or A New Hope; don’t yell at me, I only work here) so that qualifies as character development but it also says that after the war Jedi and I’m assuming Sith, and the Force itself, are still regulated to myth, like an atheist who may still say “oh my God”. I’m guessing that Abrams wanted to tell the story of the rise of the Jedi himself, possibly another reason the Expanded Universe (in which Luke finds Force-sensitive people to train as a new generation of Jedi) was dropped. Forget all the development because I want to tell the story of the rise of the Jedi. Or maybe I’ve been reviewing comics too long, where that nonsense happens all of the time. I really don’t blame the movies for not following the EU since they never appeared in the movies but I’m assuming fans have gotten used to the idea by now.

We learn more about our Stormtrooper character and that our villain (not named in the trailer but other promotional material calls him Kylo Ren and I swear I know that name from either Droids…yep, just looked it up!) wants to follow Vader’s footsteps. I guess he didn’t get the memo about Anakin Skywalker. We still don’t have a name for the Stormtrooper except in promotional material. He is Finn. And that’s the thing, really. Everything we know comes from the promotional material, which is fine if your a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve been so busy, sick, or otherwise distracted this year I’ve barely followed social media and sometimes not even the media news in my email. For casual fans who don’t follow the website or numerous entertainment news sources there isn’t a lot here other than “look, Han Solo’s back, and the visuals are amazing and the Stormtroopers have new armor but I thought the Empire was wiped out and what’s going on?”, which doesn’t really help sell anyone who isn’t a fan. Granted there may be enough fans to have it do well at the box office (they’re selling early tickets already) but I’m hoping that the fans aren’t opposed to anybody else joining in, like anime or video game fans who insist you’re only “allowed in” if your as hardcore into it as they are. Then again, my limited experience with Star Wars fans tells me otherwise.

Will I see it? I’ll probably have to wait awhile for the crowds to die down a bit so I can get in…and even then I’m going to need the money to go, which is near impossible given my current income levels versus bills and other expenses (if it wasn’t for Patreon I wouldn’t even be able to renew the bwspotlight.com URL for the year) but I do want to go. I just wonder if fans will be happy or just have a new director to be mad at.

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