"Hey, that's our favorite rubble!"

“Hey, that’s our favorite rubble!”

Blood Syndicate #15

DC Comics/Milestone (July, 1994)

“Worlds Collide” part 6: “Toys Of The Gods”
WRITER: Ivan Velez, Jr.
PENCILER: Chriscross
INKER: Rober Quijano
COLORIST: Michelle Wrightson
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Dwayne McDuffie

(continued from Steel #6) When the “bridge” between Paris Island and Metropolis opens, the Blood Syndicate passes through thinking they’re going to Dakota. They try to help (with mixed results between the people being scared, Lois being Lois and Blood Syndicate having a high jerk quota among their members) but when Masquerade starts sniffing around in animal form, Superman mistakes him for an escaped animal and since Mask is part of that jerk quotient the fighting starts and other members join in. (continues in the Worlds Collide one-shot)

I need to apologize since if I were a professional I would try to judge this from an unbiased perspective (or as close as I can since nobody is truly unbiased on their tastes). However, I just don’t like these characters as a whole. There are a few that I like (Aquamarine helps open a geyser of water after Lois “requests” help finding it, and some of the others rescue people and search for more supplies) but Masquerade was taking loose jewelry at the time. DMZ goes right into the fighting, and none of the Syndicate (except for a few pairings) seem to really like each other, as if they were together out of necessity rather than friendship. This may be the point and if they succeeded in what they wanted to do more power to them. It’s just now what I buy superhero comics for.

Additionally I’m still not a fan of the painted coloring (but at least it’s within actual lineart). For this story, why are the gang talking like Superman is a television character when nobody else has previously? Hardware and Rocket have both been to Metropolis and they along with Icon have met Superboy, who wears the Superman “S”, and only Rocket thinks Metropolis is dreamed up and none of them called it fictional. And yet a character whose name I didn’t catch snarkily calls the group “Super Friends” and they know Superman from TV. And why would the DC shows exist in Dakota? Was this established in previous comics by Milestone?

What happens here sets up what will happen in the Worlds Collide one shot and thus continue the storyline, but otherwise personal preferences make it hard to properly judge this comic.

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