Superman Adventures #2

It’s not the Kryptonite. Oddly, Metallo needs deodorant.

Superman Adventures #2

DC Comics (December, 1996)

“Be Careful What You Wish For…”
WRITER: Scott McCloud
PENCILER: Rick Burchett
INKER: Terry Austin
COLORIST: Marie Severin
LETTERER: Lois Buhalis
EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

When a young woman pretends to be Superman’s girlfriend, Metallo overhears and decides to use her to bait Superman. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois are investigating gun thieves that sounds like Metallo’s work. This leads to a fight between Superman and Metallo on the bridge, but a helicopter damaged during the battle crashes into the villain and Superman rescues everyone. When interviewed the girl claims she saw Superman with Lois.

What they got right: Normally having Superman NOT save the day in the second issue of a new continuity would be wrong. However, being a tie-in to a television series that had been going on for a while by then it’s okay to see even Superman needs help (although it’s not clear if the pilots specifically targeted Metallo.) The premise of a girl pretending to be Superman’s girl has been done before but this was still a cute telling with the ending and you kind of feel for her considering her situation.

What they got wrong: When Clark pulls Lois out of the water, why is he dry?

Recommendation: A fun little story that’s worth picking up.

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