Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #6

I’ve never really been into Halloween. Sure, I dressed up in costumes to get free candy because who wouldn’t? I mean that I didn’t do the spooky costumes; no monsters, no ghosts, none of the scary stuff. I was superheroes, a Stormtrooper, an old style telephone, a cuckoo clock–those last two were my dad’s idea and they totally worked…as costumes anyway. You can’t make a phone call with cardboard. There are only two kinds of monsters I like, the cute and cuddly fun kind and the giant city-destroying kind. No middle of the road for me.

Since my video plans fell through this week I bring you the kind of monsters I pay attention to on Halloween with Godzilla Versus Gigan. Gigan is one of those monsters that never gets enough love. I don’t even think he’s in MY top ten kaiju. They even had to team him with other monsters, I don’t think he’s ever fought alone. But come one, he’s a cyclops with blades for hands and a buzzsaw in his belly. What’s not to like? Here he teams with Ghidorah to fight the Big G and Anguirus to stop the dangers of…a theme park?

All they had at Hulu as of this writing was the sub but I think sparing you the horrible “voices” for Godzilla and Anguirus is worth sticking with it. [UPDATE:3/12/2022> The Hulu offering was denied me but thanks to YouTube and Shout Factory we have a new copy to use. Still no English version.] Although I keep hearing that there were supposed to be word balloons but they aren’t here, and this is the Japanese version. Goofy perhaps (and there because the hero is a cartoonist) but I like goofy. And Goofy, too. 😀 Happy Halloween, people, and don’t eat all of the candy now, kids. It has to last until Thanksgiving.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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