Masters Of The Universe #3 (Star)

The worst part is Adam’s vest is dry-clean only.

Masters Of The Universe #3

Star Comics (Marvel; September, 1986)

“The Garden Of Evil”
WRITER: Mike Carlin
PENCILER: Ron Wilson
INKER: Dennis Janke
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
LETTERER: John Morelli
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

Adam and Orko are goofing around when Hordak sends his robotic Troopers to kidnap He-Man…and they get Adam instead. Believing Adam to be He-Man’s slave (because that’s how Hordak thinks) since he has the Power Sword, Hordak prepares a trap for He-Man and puts Adam under his Slime Pit. Orko and Cringer arrive to rescue Adam and He-Man defeats the Troopers, “Hurricane” Hordak, and Hordak’s steed, Mantisaur. (Have to get those toys in) and Orko gets his friends to safety on Eternia.

What they got right: Carlin gets four toys in and does it naturally. It’s a story that gives Orko a chance to be the hero, which I like. I hope we get more stories focusing on someone besides He-Man. The Sword also gets a mystical element that only Adam/He-Man can touch it. While I think Carlin was mistaking the Sword Of Power for the Sword Of Omens (Star also had the Thundercats license) it gives the Sword more power than “turn Adam into He-Man” and “cut through anything”.

What they got wrong: It’s odd seeing Orko jealous of Adam’s Sword, or Adam rubbing it in. I know it’s Carlin’s continuity and he can thus mess with the characters if he wants to but it still feels wrong. Probably a personal thing more than a critical analysis, though. A more critical complaint is the wasted title. There is no garden in this story and now “The Garden Of Evil” can’t be used for a story about an evil garden.

Recommendation: A decent story but so far I’d only recommend the series as a curiosity of if your tastes go away from what DC was doing and closer to Filmation’s without being the Filmation version.

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  1. Sean says:

    What was up with slime in the 80s: Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe, and that show from Canada that was on Nickelodeon (the one where green slime was dumped on the kids). Slime seemed to be a popular tool in various entertainment media in the 80s. Why is that?


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