I know I haven’t done well in this tournament and this fight may not help but I can’t resist the different fights, even when this one does end in another death. The question is which one, the guy who’s “not a crook” or the guy who stole his face?

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Lights Out” round 11

The Battlefield: Star Trek – Assignment: Earth #5 (IDW; September, 2008) “Too Many Presidents”

The Promoters: John Byrne (writer/artist), Tom Smith (colorist), and Robbie Robbins (letterer)

Gary Seven and Roberta are keeping an eye on President Nixon during his visit to China. Long story short, they stop a fake Richard Nixon from assuming the real one’s place and doing things for the commies. Then they do something stupid by not turning him over to the police or locking him away so they can find the real president and bring him along, under Servo whammy, to find the real Nixon. So when Fakey Dickey gets the drop on our heroes Tricky Dicky goes after him. In the same pajamas with no way to tell them apart. Good move, Rick. Lucky Isis is there to save him.

"Which one of us got shot?" "How should I know?

“Which one of us got shot?” “How should I know?”

Or maybe not.

"One's as good as the other."

“One’s as good as the other.”

So who do you think fell, the real Nixon or the surgically altered commie fake? Not that it matters, since Gary just brainwashes the survivor to ensure he will be Richard Nixon whether he’s the original or not.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

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