Meteor Man #3

“I should have known that guy was no feng shui expert.”

Meteor Man #3

Marvel (October, 1993)

“With Great Power”
WRITERS: Dwight Cove & Bertram Hubard
PENCILER: Robert Walker
INKERS:  John Holdredge, Keith Aiken, Mickey Ritter, and Tim Tuohy
COLORIST: Joel Rodgers
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Fabian Nicieza

Still shaken over what happened with Kane, Jeff is having trouble resuming his superhero life as Meteor Man. Mike and his parents try to get him out of his funk just as a new gang calling themselves the DC Players starts causing trouble. Meanwhile, Mary Jane Parker (I don’t care what One More Day lies to us about) is working on a movie based on Meteor Man, and Peter joined her. As Spider-Man, Peter finds a distraction by taking on the Players, but when Jeff does decide to become Meteor Man again he’s still worried he may hurt someone else. But when Malefactor and Ghost Strike break into Mike’s apartment (which Mike did on purpose to snap Meteor Man back into action) Meteor Man and Spider-Man team up to chase them off. Mike then suggests that Meteor Man’s powers are leveling off, which is good for our hero because he’s returning to crime fighting.

Yes, it’s the obligatory third issue Spider-Man appearance, and I wish it was a better showing. The DC Players, or so we’re told, are supposed to be worse than the Golden Lords but I don’t see it. Everybody swears like this is a Milestone title, only with brighter coloring and sub par artwork. I can’t figure out what role Mary Jane has since extras usually are chosen from the area and the movie had an all-black cast. Do you also notice how I’ve written Jeff more times in the reviews of these three issues than Meteor Man?

I know I should say the good things first, that’s the format, but outside of Jeff getting over his funk there isn’t much positive in this comic. It’s at least readable and some enjoyment here I guess but for the most part this isn’t that good a comic. I can’t recommend it, and without the last three issues to review I’m not convinced the series is worth getting in hindsight either. It doesn’t capture the spirit of the movie and doesn’t replace it with anything worthwhile.

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