Meteor Man #2

“NO! The burgers are RUINED!”

Meteor Man #2

Marvel (August, 1993)

“Fly The Deadly Skies”
WRITERS: Dwight Coye V & Bertram Hubbard
PENICLER: Robert Walker
INKER: Jon Holdredge
COLORIST: Gina Going
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Fabian Nicieza

Now with his Meteor Man powers back, Jeff manages to heal and rescue Mike. At the airport they deal with more of Skyy’s goons as well as Malefactor and Ghost Strike. Managing to escape them, our heroes land back in Washington, DC, only to find Simon waiting for them. Meteor Man and Simon battle but with all the stress of the day Meteor Man appears to disintegrate Simon. (Spoiler: while the next issue is the last one I have I did research the other three issues and Simon gets better.)

What they got right: I liked the movie so it’s nice to see Meteor Man back in action. The censored swearing is toned down from the last issue, and the fight between Meteor Man and Simon Kaine is well done.

What they got wrong: Meteor Man’s powers do not include the ability to summon his costume like he does here. And no cool reveal of Jeff in costume? This is the first non-cover appearance of the outfit since the movie (or in Marvel’s case the movie adaptation) and all we get is “blink, I’m in costume now, let’s just do stuff”? And did we need a two-page sideways spread of Jeff in his underwear?

Recommendation: It’s just decent enough to recommend but only if you liked the movie.



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