Transformers Energon #24

“Are you sure this will help my back?”

Transformers Energon #24

Dreamwave (June, 2004)

WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: James Raiz
INKER: Rob Armstrong
COLORIST: Jon-Im Lee, Josh Perez, & Elliot Kravchik

During the war Ironhide was a prisoner of the Decepticons, his “caretaker” being Tidal Wave. Tidal Wave takes advantage of their old association to force Ironhide to help him recover a warhead Ironhide was forced to build that will tear the Earth apart. But this isn’t the Ironhide of back then and he outsmarts Tidal Wave and sends him running.

What they got right: In the cartoon Ironhide was very uninteresting. I know you could say that for practically all of the characters but Ironhide was just a gullible rookie that Kicker liked to mistreat. Here he has a backstory that really fleshes out his character and shows more depth than his cartoon counterpart. I like this version as a character and want to see what he does. The show’s Ironhide I couldn’t care less about.

What they got wrong: Nothing.

Recommendation: This issue is the polar opposite of the comic I reviewed earlier. The story is good, the art is good, and the characters interesting. So not only does this prove I don’t hate Simon Furman but that I can be unbiased when he has a good story. Pick this issue up.

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