Daredevil #317

“Hey, that’s my logo you broke!”

Daredevil #317

Marvel (June, 1993)

“Grease Is The Word”
WRITER: D.G. Chichester
PENCILER: Scott McDaniel
INKER: Bud LaRosa
COLORIST: Max Scheele
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

A rat bites a horse, which kicks recently releases mobster “Slick Jimmy” in the head. Before he dies he gives fellow mobster Petey London clues to where he hid Five Hundred Grand in restaurant grease. However, some punks, London’s men, and three supervillains (Taskmaster, Stiltman, and Tatterdemalion, the latter wanting to destroy it because he hates money–literally his reason), who all go to London hoping to force him to tell them where it is. A comedy of errors ensues and Daredevil is caught up in it trying to keep things from getting out of hand. He fails at that.

This is such a play on It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World that they namedrop the title at one point. In a title like this, which is usually very dark and serious, to have a lighter story shouldn’t hurt it. However, while I haven’t seen the movie in question I can still tell this is a terrible tribute. It’s just a bunch of characters, three we know and two of those being some of the lamest villains in the Marvel Universe to show not all criminals are competent, gathering together trying to imitate the movie. It’s a cluster$%#@ and frankly I didn’t find it even the least bit amusing. So maybe I wouldn’t like the movie it’s trying to be or maybe the story is that bad. I tried to see how it ends next issue and my usual sources lacked any kind of summary. I think that tells me all I need to know about this storyline. Then there’s the typical 90s art of rushed exaggeration.

Basically, just don’t bother with this issue unless you really like the movie or just want every Daredevil story, and even then you may want to avoid it. I don’t see anything of interest with this story but maybe it’s just my tastes.

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