Batman & Robin Adventures #15

Nobody is sure why Batman rented ad space on his cowl.

The Batman And Robin Adventures #15

DC Comics (February, 1997)

“Second Chances”
WRITER: Ty Templeton
PENCILER: Brandon Kruse
INKER: Rick Burchett
COLORIST: Linda Medley
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Haley’s Circus makes a stop in Gotham and Bruce & Dick check it out. Dick meets up with Mr. Haley and meets some of the new acts, including the replacement trapeze act for his family, Boston Brand, aka Deadman. However, when Batman and Robin learn that there may be criminal acts going on where the circus goes, including Lucius’ place, Dick convinces Mr. Haley to let him go undercover to find the crooks. Brand’s issues with rich people makes him a suspect as the ringleader, but it turns out to be Brand’s girlfriend, who forced Haley to be part of the ring to support the circus. Dick has to rescue Boston from her attempts to frame and kill him for the thefts and Dick is forced to turn his friend in to the police.

What they got right: Outside of stopping the robbers from robbing Lucius, This was all Robin/Dick’s mystery and considering how many stories had Batman without Robin it’s nice to see him get his own solo adventure. And for the limited space it was a good mystery. Dick shows off that he has some good detective skills of his own when he realizes his friend is trying to frame Boston for the thefts and I’m glad he made peace with Deadman. (Who yes, will return and become his regular DC self.)

What they got wrong: Outside of training (which the jealous Boston ruined) Dick never did get to perform for a crowd. It’s also a shame to see the man who ran the circus the Flying Graysons performed at turn to crime because they were the only act to make him successful.

Recommendations: Also personal preferences, however. This was a good Robin (or at least Dick Grayson) story that’s worth picking up.

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