Ninjak vol 2 #5

“Eat your heart out, Jedis!”

Ninjak vol 2#5

Acclaim Comics/Valiant Heroes (July, 1997)

“Dark Dealings”
WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTISTS: Pablo Raimondi & Kim DeMulder
COLORING: Atomic Paintbrush
LETTERING: Dave Lanphear/OG
ART EDITOR: Alex Glass
EDITOR: Jeff Gomez

Four new villains–the psionic baby Mentax, the flying leader Ravenswing, the goopish Shiftar, and the mind-controlling Tengu–have teamed up with a mobster. When they go to break out two former members of the mob turning informant, Denny is forced to sneak out of his grounding as Ninjak, whom he can now turn into without the video game phrase. (Also, “Ninjak” seems to be giving Denny more confidence, enough to properly apologize to Shelly but still not enough to ask out Tania because some miracles don’t happen.) As Annie comes up to an empty room Ninjak faces the newest members of the Dark Dozen, which is being broadcast, making the head guys at Acclaim concerned. When the villains escape with the informants as Ninjak must stop a group of people from following Tengu’s command to kill themselves, Ninjak finds himself face-to-face with X-O Manowar, threatening him if he doesn’t surrender.

It should be noted that this isn’t the barbarian Auric in this continuity but I’ll get into that next week.

What they got right: The Dozen are getting bolder and trickier now, giving Ninjak more of a challenge, and I like the designs on these new guys, who make a better showing than the Dark Dozen members introduced back in Maine.

What they got wrong: This could just be me and my upbringing, but I rather liked the incantations. Must be growing up with He-Man.

Recommendation: Another great issue worth picking up.

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