The Prize Fight for the “Lights Out” tournament should feature a fight in the dark. This is where the limited knowledge of my own comic collection (which I’m working on as well as trimming my collection) comes into play. The only fight I remember having in total darkness are ones I’ve already used or believe I have. However, is there really anything darker than night in Gotham City…with the Dark Knight himself?

Friday Night Prize Fight logo

“Lights Out” prize fight

The Battlefield: Batman #307 (DC Comics; January, 1979, as reprinted in Batman Retroactive: The 70s; September, 2011) Dark Messenger Of Mercy

The Promoters: Len Wein (writer), John Calnan & Dick Giordano (artists), Glynis Wein (colorist), and Ben Oda (letterer)

Now watch me stumble on a fight after this that would have fit completely. Still, playing the hand I can, Batman has been investigating a serial killer of the homeless, thinking he is rescuing them from life on the streets by leaving them dead in the gutter. Injured during their last encounter, Batman fights with a sling holding his right arm in place as the killer returns.

"This is the most excitement we've had since the rat races, when Squeaky killed Whiskers Sr."

“This is the most excitement we’ve had since the rat races, when Squeaky killed Whiskers Sr.”

Fun fact: even people living on the streets struggling to survive don’t want to be murdered. Funny how that works.

"See, once they're dead they'll realize they're better off. They might even thank me...if they become zombies or something."

“See, once they’re dead they’ll realize they’re better off. They might even thank me…if they become zombies or something.”

That’s when something in Limehouse Jack snaps.

I really can't joke about this poor guy's breakdown.

I really can’t joke about this poor guy’s breakdown.

Batman stopped this fight not by beating him up but by showing the killer he was wrong. How often does THAT happen in Gotham?

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

I wish I had remembered a fight that better fit the theme. Still, head to and vote for your favorite Friday Night Fight! (Forum membership is NOT required to vote, only to comment.) This is the Prize Fight, so the winner gets a prize. If you want in on that then give us some competition and keep an eye on Spacebooger’s site for the next Friday Night Fight tournament!


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