Transformers Energon #27

“I really have neglected this garden, haven’t I?”

Transformers Energon #27

Dreamwave (September, 2004)

“Multiplicity” part 2
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Alex Milne
INKERS: Elaine To
COLORISTS: Jong-Im Lee, Josh Perez, Sigmund Torre, & Yvonne Poon

Mirage’s team soon reveals their real target…Kicker! As Sharkticon grabs him while the boy is unconscious in the water, Mirage and Slugslinger take on the Omnicons. Meanwhile, Alexis turns out to be alive, and Rad realizes how much he cares about her. On Cybertron the Autobots prepare to launch a counterattack on the Terrorcons while on Unicron Optimus is forced to help Megatron move to his new body. However, Avalon, the councilor that seems to be on Jetfire’s side in getting the reinforcements is part of Alpha Quintesson’s group, and this is all part of the plan!

What they got right: I think I forgot to mention this last issue but I like the effect used for Megatron’s digital form. The reveal of Avalon as a Terrorcon is a good twist. And again the seemingly separate stories are part of a larger operation, even Kicker’s kidnapping.

What they got wrong: Milne does a good job with the Autobots, including one panel of multiple Autobots (although to get them all in one panel they are really too close together), but his humans are a bit exaggerated. Not 90s exaggerated but I’m still not into his style. It’s the heads mostly; hair and facial expressions.

Recommendation: This is still an enjoyable title. Still recommending it as Furman telling a good story.

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