Leia wearing her iconic "metal bikini&quo...

Leia wearing her iconic “metal bikini” slave outfit at Jabba’s palace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, the “Slave Leia” outfit. It brings fans of questionable thoughts at conventions to stare at any hot girl wearing it because she’s a fan of Leia and how she killed a space mobster. Like the “Tifa boobies” we’ve discussed in the past, militant feminists have an issue with the outfit, but a commentary on Breitbart Network, a woman mind you, defends the outfit as something feminists (militant or otherwise) should be praising. Or at least the scene Carrie Fisher was forced to wear it in. As she notes, it’s not sexual objectification we should be putting down but female empowerment we should be celebrating.

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  1. Sean says:

    Good article. Princess Leia was a strong woman who eliminated her oppressor, Jabba the Hutt. If anything, it shows that women can stand up to men who are putting them down or not treating them respectfully. Besides I appreciate that bikini outfit more now than I did when I first watched Return of the Jedi as a 9 year old;). It is a beautiful sight for sure! There’s nothing wrong with admiring natural beauty.


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