Batman & Robin Adv #16

See, artists, if you really need to get that boob & butt shot, have it physically possible AND be dramatic.

The Batman & Robin Adventures #16

DC Comics (March, 1997)

“It Takes A Cat”
WRITER: Ty Templeton
PENCILER: Brandon Kruse
INKER: Rick Burchett
COLORIST: Linda Medley
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Scott Peterson

Someone wearing a costume similar to Catwoman is committing crimes, but it isn’t Selina. And when she’s forced to go underground to clear her name she learns it isn’t even a woman. It’s rich guy Thomas Blake, a Catwoman fanboy seeking thrills and overdoing the cat puns so much even Robin calls him out on it. When he tries to get Catwoman to join him in a heist she instead leads the Dynamic Duo right to him.

What they got right: While not called “Catman” by name I like this take on him. He’s part Batman and part Catwoman. It’s too bad I don’t remember him popping up again in the DCAU tie-ins because he works well enough. This is also a Catwoman story as Selina has been trying to stay on the path of the good girls for some time now. It’s something Selina has done throughout the character’s history, going back and forth (and back is coming soon enough) so this is her moment to shine and she steals the spotlight as well as she does anything else.

What they got wrong: Like I said, Blake’s cat puns are so bad even Robin calls him out on it. Bad puns never sit well with me, although I do admit it helps show what a nut he is.

Recommendation: This was a really good Catwoman tale. Pick this comic up.

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