Adventures Of The X-Men #4

The Cyclops-haters aren’t going to like this issue.

Adventures Of The X-Men #4

Marvel (July, 1996)

“When The Dweller Awakes”
WRITER: Ralph Macchio
PENCILER: Mike Miller
INKER: Dan Panosian
LETTERER: Ul Higgins
EDITOR: Mark Powers

Cyclops returns from joyriding to find Salem Center taken over by the demonesque N’Garai. They plan to awaken the Dweller In Darkness, offspring of Cthulhu, and feast on what remains of Earth after it gets done with it. Scott meets a man whose family agreed to care for the Dweller until the N’Garai were ready to awaken him. He tells Scott the whole story but refuses to help until Scott’s words get to him. As Cyclops rescues Wolverine, Gambit, and Jean from the N’Garai and capture the spellbook used by the N’Garai leader Kierrok to open the gateway and awaken the Dweller, the man chants the counterspell, being drawn along with the N’Garai back to their dimension, penance for his and his family’s sins.

What they got right: Cyclops gets a moment to show what he can really do, and it’s a good showing. He mows down N’Garai with his optic blasts and motorcycle, gets to look bad##$, and shows why he’s the field commander of the X-Men

What they got wrong: Minor details, but they add up. Unless I have more research to do, the Dweller-In-Darkness (which they didn’t hyphenate in the comic) isn’t tied to Cthulhu. I’m not sure about the giant tentacle. Also, the artist and the writer seem to have a disconnect. Scott’s motorcycle has the licence plate “ONE EYE”, but at the end Wolverine claims it was his bike that was lost in the other dimension and not Scott’s. I doubt Wolverine would have a Cyclops-centric vanity plate on his motorcycle, although I’m just surprised that Wolverine would lend Cyclops anything considering their history of not getting along. Then there’s Cyclops using his optic blasts through his sunglasses, which he can’t do. While they have the same material as the visor he usually wears they don’t allow Scott’s force blasts come through them like the visor does because the lenses don’t open.

Recommendation: While a pretty decent story and a good adventure for Cyclops this isn’t my kind of story so I’ll probably be adding this to the purge pile. Some of you, however, may end up enjoying this adventure.

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