Transformers Energon #28

“Tag! Your it!”

Transformers Energon #28

Dreamwave (October, 2004)

“Multiplicity” part 3
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Alex Milne
INKERS: Elaine To & Perd Poblete
COLORISTS: Jong-im Lee & Josh Perez

What the Terrorcon clones lack in durability they make up for in sheer numbers. The Autobots are being run down by the assault. Rad may have at least one solution, with a little something Alterenergy has been putting together. They get more help when Megatron arrives in his new body, while Kicker show he can do more with Energon than merely detect it. Back on Cybertron Demolishor is attacked by what appears to be…the ghost of Starscream!

What they got right: It still feels weird to give Furman so much credit, but he earned it this issue and I try to be fair in these reviews. Since this is the same continuity as Armada Furman didn’t stop with using Energon characters, which considering the odds in this battle is a good thing for the Autobots. And he does try to give as many as he can some kind of personality trait to build on. And I like when the humans take part in the battle to save their own planet. We also learn that Alpha Quintesson’s servitude is not of his own will, while Avalon is seeking some kind of glory, like Scorponok did in the cartoon.

What they got wrong: You’d think the Autobots would Powerlink for extra firepower but maybe they’re trying to keep their numbers up. Still, all I have and even that was forced.

Recommendation: For once Furman’s lust for fictional mass destruction is in a story worth reading. Pick this one up.


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