Mighty Mouse #4 (Marvel)

Click for a larger version and see if you can tell all the classic cartoon guest-stars on this cover. I may have scanned it too small. though.

Mighty Mouse #4

Marvel (January, 1991)

“Mices On Infinite Earths” ch. 1
WRITER: Michael Gallagher
PENCILER: Ernie Colón
INKER: Marie Severin
COLORIST: Evan Skolnick
LETTERER: Brad Joyce
EDITOR: Fabian Nicieza

You can see the cover and the name. You know what’s being parodied. A strange fishbowl appears, where The Piranha moans about being forced to see dimension after dimension die as payback for his sins. However, Harebinger is sent by the Minotaur to gather two heroes who might stop the Anti-Minotaur from destroying the anthropomorphic multiverse…our own Mighty Mouse and his gender-swapped counterpart Mighty Mousette! However, the Anti-Minotaur snagged his own counterpart, the evil Mangy Mouse, who tries to stop our heroes. As Mighty and Mangy fight Mousette tries to shut down the antimotor and gets smacked down by the villain, while Mangy gets a cheap shot on Mighty. Mighty Mousette doesn’t survive the two villains, and Mighty Mouse swears revenge, going off to gather a team of heroes to stop the bad guys once and for all!

What they got right: Yes, it’s a parody of Crisis On Infinite Earths and it’s a rather fun one. With no Supergirl counterpart they created a gender-swapped world with Pearl as Mighty Mousette and Mike as Paul Pureheart (which is what I’m sure the cartoon would have done just to be funny), plus an evil Mighty Mouse with his own love interest, Oil Can Pearl. Mangy Mouse even flips the yellow and red colors of his costume.

What they got wrong: While we aren’t sure how strong Mighty Mouse and Pearl’s relationship is, Mighty Mousette officially refers to Paul as her boyfriend, while Paul calls her “dear”. Kind of lame for Mighty Mouse and Mighty Mousette to just fall for each other seconds after meeting, isn’t it?

Recommendation: I hope chapter 2 (I’d call it part 2 but this comic features parts 1 and 2 because I actually don’t know why since they’re full-length stories most of the time anyway) lives up to this one. Pick this comic up.


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