With Christmas not only a few weeks away but on Friday this year even the mighty Spacebooger knows better than to have fisticuffs on Jesus birthday. So instead of the usual tournaments we’re having two one-shot combats before the next tournament. The theme is Snow White, but before I dig out Muppet Snow White I find he just wants a fight in the snow. With much of my time drained away this week I do have a short snow battle. So let’s do this!

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Snow White” special

The Battlefield: Transformers Armada #13 (Dreamwave; July, 2003)

The Promoters: Simon Furman (writer), Guido Guidi (penciler), Elaine To (inker) David Cheung, Espen Grundetjern, Stuart Ng, Susan Luo, Shaun Curtis, & Gary Yeung (colorists), and Paul Villafuerte (letterer)

Thrust has gone to the arctic to find a crashed Mini-Con shuttle. Cyclonus, superpowered by a whole lot of Mini-Cons, has gone mad and ends up there as well.

"Just call me Batman and I'll call you Guy Gardner."

The snow broke his fall, Cyclonus broke his head.

On Cybertron they throw YOU at the snowballs! That’s because snow is new to them.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to Spacebooger.com and vote for your favorite Friday Night Fight! (Forum membership is NOT required to vote, only to comment.) This is a one-shot theme fight and there will be another next week. It’s a good time to test the waters for joining us. Rules and winners posted on Tuesdays.



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