A Christmas tradition in New York City is WPIX...

A Christmas tradition in New York City is WPIX’s yearly yule log program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the front page of the site (at least until after Christmas) is stickied my BW Yule Log, a collection of skits and songs on YouTube that celebrate the various aspects of Christmas. Since something appears determined to mess with me this month (doctors, sickness, some other stuff), possibly to stop my annual Christmas review or the next Captain Yuletide, I’m going to just post some of my favorite Christmas songs and get on with things.

I kind of want to make a comic connected to this one.

This one always makes me tear up for some reason.

There are some songs I need to hear every year. This is one of them.

This is my favorite cover of this song.

Finally, one for everybody who loves a soldier.

What are some of your must-hear Christmas songs? I’ve noticed I have a few I really need to add. Maybe I’ll post some of those next week since I don’t usually make articles for Christmas week.

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