Star Wars TOTJ Golden Age Of The Sith #5

This entire miniseries needs to be Re-Covered articles. The artist keeps thinking they’re novels instead of comics!

Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi – The Golden Age Of The Sith #5


Dark Horse (February, 1997)

“The Flight Of Starbreaker 12”
WRITER: Kevin J. Anderson
PENCILER: Dario Carrasco, Jr.
INKERS: Mark G. Helke, Bill Black, & David Jacob Beckett
COLORIST: Perry McNamee
SEPARATIONS: Judi T. Hann, Jon Fell, Tracy Buckner, Geneva Smith, & Daniel Jackson
COVER ART: Russell Walks
LETTERER: Willie Schubert
EDITOR: Bob Cooper

Naga helps Jori escape, using the Force to convince her to go without her brother, whom he plans to train as a Sith. As Jori makes her getaway for the Republic Naga launches his surprise attack on Ludo and his allies. Now without challengers, Naga plans to take control of the Republic as well as the Sith Empire!

What they got right: I have to give Naga credit for some devious planning in this story to get himself an apprentice, push his quest for conquest, and manipulate pretty much everybody. He’s a good villain and it would be nice to see him get his comeuppance.

What they got wrong: Which we know is coming because the next miniseries is called “Fall Of The Sith”, which means Ludo was right and Naga is about to ruin everything for them. Nice spoiler IN THE COMIC’S TITLE!

Recommendation: At the time I wasn’t interested in this time frame and after the comic I’ll be looking at next week I ended up dropping the title, which isn’t canon anymore anyway. In retrospect I understand why, as it wasn’t the Star Wars I was looking for. That said, it is a good story that’s worth looking into and canon or not I’m curious about this period.

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