Transformers Energon #29

“I’ll teach you birds not to poop on me!”

Transformers Energon #29

Dreamwave (November, 2004)

“Multiplicity” part 4
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Alex Milne
INKERS: Elaine To & Ferd Poblete
COLORISTS: Jon-Im Lee & Josh Perez

Megatron turns the tide, blasting drones all over the place, while Rad brings Energon to the needy Autobots. Kicker shows the ability to channel and weaponise Energon energy to chase off Mirage and Slugslinger. Meanwhile, Scorponok managed to hitch a ride on one of the shield generators to beat down the waiting Autobots, but before he can claim it Megatron drops in to see him next.

What they got right: I have to admit it was cool seeing Energon Megatron kicking all the tailpipes he can find. Since comic Kicker is less annoying than TV Kicker (as most of the comic versus television comparisons have been) I didn’t mind seeing him kicking butt and channelling Energon.

What they got wrong: Most of Megatron’s dialog is “ten years”. While it’s understandable it’s annoying to read after a while.

Recommendation: Next issue is the last one and this is the first and only time I’m sad to see a Furman-written Transformers series end, and it’s the one he got screwed on. Pick this series up.

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