Static #14

I vote for Battleworld.

Static #14

Milestone (DC; August, 1994)

“Worlds Collide” FINALE: “After Worlds Collide”
WRITER: Dwayne McDuffie
ARTISTS: Denys Cowan & Prentis Rollins
COLORIST: David Montoya
LETTERER: Joseph Daniello
what, no editor? Who do you think you are, Dreamwave?

(concluding from Blood Syndicate #17) Rift has created a new world based on some of his old comics. Static has read some of them and uses the League Of Superteens’ system to locate Hardware, Steel, and Transit. They’re trying to open the gate to hyperspace to help Superman and Icon get back with the trap. As Superboy goes to find the other heroes, Fade makes contact with Rocket and Static, and they’re attacked by Rift. Superboy, Steel, and Hardware join the fight and all are killed except for Static, who helps power the Rift trap Superman and Icon carry into the battle. The DC and Milestone universes are separated again, both sides still thinking the other is fictitious. However, they and their worlds are restored to what they were before Rift appeared, while Rift is Fred Benson again, floating in a void and at long last getting to sleep.

What they got right: You knew the reset button had to be pressed, but that was a good finale. All of the heroes go down fighting except for the three who ultimately save the day. The heart-to-heart between Static and Rocket over losing Parris Island and discussing that winning is more important than revenge was a good character moment. I also like the altered costumes Rocket and Static were given.

What they got wrong: Superboy’s however, is rather weak in comparison. Rocket kissing Static is not very well drawn. Kissing is hard to draw, granted. You have to have both characters in a position that looks possible. I know it’s a problem I have. However, it looks more like Rocket is standing up close to him.

Thoughts on the event: This crossover had issues. Pacing in the early issues were off. While the Milestone comics did a good job moving the story along the DC ones were more interested in continuing the Fall Of Metropolis arc or Steel’s war with Ameritek. I get the impression that this was sprung on the DC team by surprise, and they were busy with their own stories. The second half had better pacing between the two but the Blood Syndicate’s last addition was just there to set up the Superteen memorial in this issue (which Rift uses to attack the heroes) and not much else. I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a commentary about how “today’s (90s in this case) were better or what the point was of Rift’s actions. I do like that Fred gets a happy ending. Despite minor and major hiccups, I enjoyed it overall.

Recommendation: “Worlds Collide” was fairly decent crossover, but not one that got me interested in the Milestone universe, even after Static Shock debuted on Kids WB. If you can find it collected or the individual issues it’s worth checking out if you were a fan of both the DC and Milestone universes of the time or if you’re curious about one or the other. Otherwise all these other characters aren’t going to mean much to you.


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