Blood Syndicate #17

“Are you guys kidding us with this story?

Blood Syndicate #17

Milestone (DC; August, 1994)

“Worlds Collide” ch 13: “Mirror Faces Mirror”
WRITER: Ivan Velez, Jr.
PENCILERS: Chriscross & Ivan Velez, Jr.
INKERS: Rober Quijan & Prentis Rolling
COLORISTS: Michelle Wrightson & John Cebollero
LETTERERS: Steve Dutro & Joseph Daniello
EDITOR: Dwayne McDuffie

(continued from Steel #7) So what have Blood Syndicate been doing all this time? Looking for Aquamaria, not convinced she’s dead. As Wise Son’s little sister and his son escaped the destruction of Paris Island, the Syndicate run right into it in Hob’s Bay and decide to attack Rift directly. This doesn’t work well and Rift keeps trying to figure out how to work them into his new continuity, including the newly reconstituted Aquamaria. When the Syndicate’s personalities are too dominant he simply turns them into statues (Rift managing to escape) and when Dogg and the kids try to make him see reason he turns them into bubbles, still believing they’re just characters he created. (The event concludes in Static #14.)

What they got right: The X-Men parody was kind of cute and I’m glad Aquamaria is okay. Not knowing about Wise Son’s little sister and similar-aged young son it would be nice to know they survived…before being turned into bubbles. (There’s a reviewer meme for that I can’t use here due to keeping things PG.) Through research I’ve learned there is also a bit of foreshadowing for future revelations when Masquerade ends up in a dress at one point.

What they got wrong: Beyond that the story feels like padding, as if reminding the readers that they’re still in this crossover and then taking them out of it.

Recommendation: Outside of learning what the gang has been up to there isn’t much to this story. Get it only to complete the event.

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