Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just before my return to writing boxing legend Muhammad Ali passed away, having fought Parkinson’s Disease for years right up to the end. However, one of his most favorite media fights is a comic where he boxed a temporarily de-powered Superman. It’s rather famous and other blogs have discussed it (I personally have never read it) but CBR’s Alex Duben brings us the history. And Mike Tyson got his own animated series while Ali only had a pilot. Oh, I’ll tell you about that someday.


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  1. Sean says:

    Interesting article link. Very insightful. Interesting how Superman was a symbol of 20th century immigrants. Never thought of that before, but it does make sense. I’m amazed that Muhammad Ali wasn’t featured in more comic books. Yes, you will have to tell us all about the cartoon pilot some day. I watched the Mike Tyson cartoon twice. It’s a weird sense of humor in that show.


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