The movie logo may not have much to it, but it's still better than the New 52 one.

The movie logo may not have much to it, but it’s still better than the current comic one.

The second of the DC trailers was their attempt to ride the Avengers bandwagon with Justice League, a team-up of DC heroes. It continues to feel strange that I, a longtime DC fan, gets more excited for Marvel movies than I do DC ones. Maybe because the Marvel movies have more of what I look for, and ironically what drew me to DC over Marvel, than anything DC or Warner Brothers is producing, even shows like Supergirl (although I really want to get caught up on that…distractions have become my new norm, which scheduling problems have always been my norm) or The Flash (see previous parentheses). So what isn’t wowing me about the new trailer?

Don’t get me wrong. I like this better than Wonder Woman‘s movie trailer from yesterday. There’s more humor here. What little we see of Batman and Wonder Woman hanging out showed decent chemistry. I both like and don’t like this version of Barry Allen (I’ll get back to that.) Cyborg actually looks like Cyborg. I saw some promo art that had him so streamlined he looked more like a partly transformed Colossus from the X-Men. This guy actually looks like Cyborg does in the comics (not counting that overarmored by Jim Lee phase) and like a man who is part machine. If Smallville had gone with this I might have been tricked into watching a little longer before dumping it off my list. I don’t know what this mysterious enemy is, but this trailer did force me to finally watch a review of Batman Versus Superman to find out why Superman isn’t in this. I won’t spoil it, but it makes me want to see that movie even less now.

But back to Barry for a moment. On the one hand, he seems like a fun character to watch, a bit of a geek (Hollywood geek, because I’m guessing the writers/director is trying to deny they are geeks or aren’t and like The Big Bang Theory think that’s we’re all quirky and shut-ins. I’m not a shut-in because I’m a geek. I’m a shut-in because of my school life and the psychological ramifications even though I actually get along with some of my former antagonists nowadays. It’s also completely wrong for Barry’s character.

And so is Aquaman. Looking more like he belongs in a Percy Jackson movie, Aquaman actually has MORE hair than he did in the 90s. (If movie Arthur loses his hand for a hook I won’t be surprised.) Not only is modern Aquaman long since back to short hair and the classic orange, but he’s a lot nicer than this guy. He seems angry not very likable. This is somehow less Aquaman than Barry is Barry, only movie Barry may be more fun to watch depending on how far down the Hollywood geek stereotype hole he falls into.

This I might get talked into seeing in theater with other people, but I wouldn’t go alone and would otherwise wait for it to hit TV or maybe rental. This doesn’t feel like what I’m looking for in a Justice League story. What does? Come back tomorrow for the final trailer.

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  1. Sean says:

    It looks like an interesting movie but they have Aquaman (I assume that’s Aquaman) looking like a Viking instead of how he normally looks.


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