Here’s another one from Branded In The 80s, but on a topic that’s closer to my nostalgia. Even as a kid I knew Shirt Tales started out as greeting card characters because I saw them in stores and the regular cast were joined by other animals. Shawn Robare breaks out some of his old Shirt Tales stickers for us to gawk at. How these turned into a series about crimefighting animals that are part of a secret international superhero team that live in a tree in a park despite not being animals that live inside a tree (for example, the kangaroo from later seasons or the tiger from the start) I don’t know, but I rather enjoyed the show so that’s all I need to know.

I also want to know why Tyg replaced Rick as team leader and Pammy’s potential love interest in the final season. What was with that?

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  1. Sean says:

    I liked the Shirt Tales too. But there’s a better theme song for the show. It has more words in it like “Who do you call when…..” That other theme song is real catchy. Forget Disney World! There should be a Hanna Barbera World where people can see characters such as the Shirt Tales and the Jetsons! Now that would be super cool!


    • That was the last season or two, some time after Kip the kangaroo was introduced. And I doubt they’d be in an HB World since they’re owned by Hallmark.


      • Sean says:

        Good point. HB would have had to work something out with them. Yes, this theme song on here was more subdued. I looked at those stickers on the link, and there were some interesting characters. Too bad they didn’t make the cut into the cartoon. Perhaps, you could create an interesting side story as to how Tyg became the leader of the Shirt Tales….that would make for a good comic strip. How skilled are you at drawing tigers, racoons, etc.? Personally, my favorite Shirttale character was Bogey. It was pretty cool how the little monkey sounded like Humphrey Bogart.


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